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Birthdate:Jan 8
Location:Seattle, Washington, United States of America
It's about time I changed my bio... Christ... four years...

I'm currently a working college student obsessed with games, sex, Linux, philosohpy, life, modern society and it's effects on the human psyche, and, what the hell, absolutely everything. I use this to mostly rant, rave, and to point out to people where to go if they have the urge to "catch up", since even though we live in an age of instantaneous communication, something which we have never had in all of human history, we still find ways to alienate, lock-away, ignore, and overall distance ourselves for years on end from our friends.

Interests (66):

"i robot", *nixing, *nixing while having sex, babylon 5, benjamin bunny, bicycling, blues, bookbinding, classic science fiction, computers, computers having sex, crooked fiddle band, culture jamming, dead like me, dead preppies society, disorderly conduct, drinking whiskey, electronic, electroswing, fantasy, fiction, filmmaking, games, gcc, gratuitous sex, grunge, gyros, gyros having sex, harlan ellison, horror flicks..., issac asimov, jazz, jon hopkins, knitting, knot tying, latex, linux, mathematical symbols, meat, more sex, needless repetition, networking, networking games, open source movement, polyamory, ray bradbury, restructuring social order, role-playing-games, ronin, ruben sandwiches, science fiction, sex, sexy gyros, simulations, slackware, sneakers, social sciences, splendor, steak, the cure, tux, whiskey, writing, xpilot, xstarship, zoe keating
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